Wisdom out of Failure: how the game you didn't make can make you into a better developer/失敗の教訓:制作することができなかった経験が開発者としての成長の糧になる

形式: レギュラーセッション(60分)
Game Design, Production Planning, Pitching, Game Scope ゲームデザイン、制作企画、プレゼン、ゲームのスコーピングに興味のある方
The importance of recognizing the reason why a project failed and how to apply the lessons when it comes to realizing future projects プロジェクトが失敗した理由を認識し、その教訓をのちのプロジェクトの実現に生かすことの重要性

a 50-minute presentation with a brief Q&A session on two games very near and dear to Shapefarm's heart, why they failed to be made and what we learned from the experience



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所属 : Shapefarm AB
役職 : Writer

A writer by choice, I have had over 100 stories published since 2010 and been a former member of the SFWA. My previous work also includes writing for comic books, among other mediums.

Since 2015, I've written for a number of games like Friend and Foe's Vane, Scrap Mechanic by Axolot AB and Raft by Redbeet Interactive. My first visual novel, Re:Shape, is published by Funigami studio.

In the few precious hours that I'm not writing, I have devoted myself to playing through every game in the Final Fantasy main series and also make a spectacle of myself trying to finish an actual Dark Souls no-hit run. It has been going slow, but I am getting there.


2015年以降は、Friend and Foeの 『Vane』やAxolot ABの『スクラップメカニック』、Redbeet Interactiveの『Raft』など、数多くのゲーム脚本に携わっています。私の最初のビジュアルノベル『Re:Shape』は、Funigami studioから出版されています。


Thank you for your interest in my speech. It's my hope that this will become a useful resource for any game developers, studio heads or producers that may feel like they are carrying the burden of failed project by themselves. I hope that the advice and perspectives found in this presentation will give them a head start in transforming a misfortune into
an opportunity for learning.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you feel like you'd like to share your story and I hope more people will be more open about sharing their own, similar experiences in the future.