Living Bones, the tech powering NPC Animation in Hitman Absolution (ヒットマン・アブソリューションにおけるNPCアニメ-ション技術)

形式: 招待セッション
Programmers working with, or interested in, animation and AI. Technical Animators. General knowledge of basic animation concepts and techniques is expected.<br /><br />アニメーションとAIの仕事をしている、または興味のあるプログラマー。アニメーションの基本技術について知識があることを期待しています。
The audience will learn in detail about the multiple software layers composing the NPC animation system for Hitman Absolution, how its network of blend trees and state machines is structured, and what procedural techniques were employed.<br /><br />参加者はヒットマン・アブソリューションのNPCアニメーションシステムがどのような多数のソフトウェアで構成されているのかを学ぶことができます。ブレンドツリーのネットワークや状態遷移の構成、用いられているプロシージャル技術についても紹介されます。

Hitman: Absolution is a third-person assassination game, where action and stealth are treated as equal citizens, granting the player total freedom in the way missions are tackled.
To support the complex AI at the core of Absolution’s gameplay an expressive yet reactive animation system was built for the NPCs.
This presentation will explain the rationale behind design choices and describe in details the multiple layers composing the animation system, covering topics as the software architecture and the structure of the animation networks, as well as how locomotion and avoidance were implemented and what procedural techniques were used.




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Maurizio de Pascale

Maurizio de Pascale
所属 : IO Interactive
役職 : G2 Senior<br>Software Engineer

Maurizio de Pascale is a senior software engineer working on the Glacier 2 Engine at IO Interactive / Square Enix.
He has been working in games development for more than five years, specifically in the areas of rendering, engine, tools, and animation.
Before joining the games industry, he earned a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering doing research on graphics and haptic rendering, collision detection, and haptic devices.

Maurizio de Pascale氏は、IOインタラクティブ/スクウェアエニックス社のシニアソフトエンジニアとしてGlacier2エンジンの開発を担当しています。