Making Dreams Come True: Global Illumination with Enlighten

形式: レギュラーセッション
プラットフォーム: PC
Basic background knowledge of game development.
How Enlighten can bring real-time cinematic quality lighting to your game.

"This is gorgeous! I remember having dreams about this kind of dynamic indirect lighting back when I was building the Unreal Engine 1 renderer!"
In this talk, you will find out why Tim Sweeney, Founder of Epic Games, said this about Enlighten, the only global illumination and lighting middleware available as a standalone SDK, as part of Unity 5, or through the Unreal Engine Integrated Partners Program. We present an overview of the Enlighten feature set and explain how you can use it to enable fast iteration and high visual quality on all platforms from mobile devices to consoles and high-end PCs. The talk will include workflow examples as well as a discussion of new gameplay features enabled by Enlighten's dynamic global illumination.


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所属 : Geomerics, an ARM company
部署 : Media Processing
役職 : Engineer

Will started making games in his bedroom at an early age. After more than ten years working for EA UK across both design and engineering teams he joined Geomerics where he specialises in the integration of Enlighten into game engines.

Discover a dynamic global illumination technology that both drives up visual quality and dramatically reduces lighting production time.